your sign's closest friends : Things to know

aries :

Aries parties are always different, so you need someone who can share your passion and fuel your wilder instincts—and clean up.


taurus :

A loving spouse is essential for your sturdy, reliable earth sign temperament. An even-tempered sign is perfect for watching Queer Eye


gemini :

Your free-spirited personality can't be distilled, so you need someone who understands you. A fun-loving sign will be a good accomplice.


cancer :

The rock-solid crab values stability in all aspects of life, including friendship. You prefer drama-free people who can spend hours together in silence.


leo :

they're charming and think the world revolves around them. Looking at the big picture, you need a solid sign to call your bluff and curb your wilder instincts. 


virgo :

Ideal for runs up to 3 miles, the Woven Runner delivers a lightweight design & breathable slip so you can get in and hit your stride.


libra :

You love adventure, but you need a push to leave your comfort zone. A more adventurous sign than yours can help you make lasting memories.


aquarius :

Your rebelliousness makes you look like a loner, yet you need a few reliable people to help you live and escape the universe.


pisces :

You may be a hopeless romantic, but your emotional sensitivity lets you see things others can't.


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